Robemack S.L. is a precision machining company of aluminium, stainless and special steels and plastic pieces. It also includes assembly and sub-assembly of mechanical and electric systems.

Our ECOPACK division is dedicated to the design and production of packing machine based on thermo seal system. Besides, we offer all kind of machinery destined to packing industry such as cartooning machines, packing machine, shrink sleeve wrappers, box-making machine, etc.

We are in disposition of fabricating and designing every kind of piece, precision tool or engine. Our proven experience in reparation and maintenance allows us to offer the speed needed in this industry.

Our company was established in 1998 and is located in Polígono Industrial La Variante, very close to Logroño. Our facilities occupy an extension of 1800 m2.

In Robemack S.L. we are developing R&D projects in order to offer a global solutions of packaging from the raw material to the final product which better adapts to the real needs of each one of our clients.

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